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2 definitions by TaintedMustard

tactical facepalm (tak-ti-kuhl feys-pahm)


1. A maneuver performed by a unit of Internet denizens in response to an overwhelming onslaught of ignorance. The maneuver involves each member of the unit performing a standard facepalm in unison. Executed properly, the tactical facepalm is the only known defense against spontaneous cerebrofulmination—also known as "exploding head syndrome" (EHS)—resulting from exposure to extreme stupidity.
Earnest idiot: Africans were wholly responsible for slavery in the European world. Whites only bought what African slavers were offering. They're completely innocent!

Forum dweller CO: Squad, initiate tactical facepalm!

Forum dwellers: Sir, yes, sir! *facepalm*

Forum dweller XO: EHS averted, sir!
by TaintedMustard October 17, 2009
129 24
U.S. military Vietnam War slang. "To run (away)", to withdraw from one's current position. Borrowed from the Vietnamese language.
The gooks're all over us! Let's didi, man!
by TaintedMustard July 12, 2010
16 7