people who waste time in english colouring in pictures of scorpions. people who sit around with pink head phones round their neck. they draw a crappy picture of a turtle on their bag and waste your time. they deny being a waster and wear sweatshirts with pictures on them, and order pizzas in media studies aka the waster lesson
hey mark look i coloured in this scorpion

shut up james you are a waster
by benjiman buckler March 03, 2011
Someone who leaves their waste products all around on the table
John you are such a waster, clean up your mess
by dead devil April 27, 2010
A hand weapon made of wood that is used by martial artists during training. See bokken.
The Purpleheart Armory crafts functional, solid and beautiful wasters for weapons enthusiasts everywhere.
by Tainted Mustard September 05, 2004
A person that regularly drinks copious amounts of alcohol and acts rather drunk all the time.
Dave Curtis is not a waster, he simply likes the occasional pint of ale.
by Dave December 28, 2003
An Estate Agency term for someone who uses hours of your time to view every house available three times, then says they're not looking anymore, also a carpet treader
That applicant was a f**king waster!!!
by Wise Man July 14, 2003
Waster, also used as xwasterx, is a newfound term coined by the recent hardline straight edge scene for people who have broken edge. A waster is the prime example of someone who understands the idea of straight edge being a choice and not a commitment. The use of xwasterx is only done by those who claim it and are proud of their choice to break edge.
Hardliner 1: Dude, did you hear about breaking edge?

Hardliner 2: Yeah, he's such a waster.
by xWASTERPRIDEx January 18, 2010
a waster is a slut
who wastes her gash to any boy around
someone who goes to sleep with anything that moves wether she is drunk/pissed or acting her normal self.
Boy 1: oi have u heard of stacey?
Boy 2: yeh parently shes a waster..i'm going for her tonight
by Juls!!alie May 20, 2009

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