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Warlock as in a Warlock Deity, perphaps a moronic fellow alas not all warlock are moronic
by Kelt October 03, 2003
2 21
a fake witch see fluff bunny
She says she is Wiccan, but basically she's a warlock!
by Anonymous December 14, 2002
2 21
a male witch
Dude, that guy is such a warlock.
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
7 27
a silly frenchman who pretends he is english

sings badly
I'm not french, says warlock.
lies says all
by nemesis August 02, 2004
2 23
THE most overpowered class in all of the World of Warcraft.
Also, the least squishy class.
Sometimes referred to as mushrooms
WTF????? Fu**ing dots...and what the fu** is with these warlocks??? and now they have felguards?????
by Kudosman December 12, 2006
22 48
The Best Player in World of Warcraft is a Warlock...His Name is Orbiey on Lothar...Good friends of King Agner (who listens to Orbiey) Also Partner in crime with Etudior
Orbiey the Masta Warlock
by TurkeyKnives May 07, 2007
5 38