Definition: A warlock is NOT the term for a male witch. A male witch is just a witch. The term has been picked up by popular culture, and people who don't really know anything about witchcraft like to use it.

What the word really means is frequently and vehemently debated amongst modern-day witches. The usual explanation is that it's an old English word for 'oath-breaker' and was used for a witch who betrayed their coven.
no example
by High_Falk April 26, 2003
a fake witch see fluff bunny
She says she is Wiccan, but basically she's a warlock!
by Anonymous December 14, 2002
a male witch
Dude, that guy is such a warlock.
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
a silly frenchman who pretends he is english

sings badly
I'm not french, says warlock.
lies says all
by nemesis August 02, 2004
THE most overpowered class in all of the World of Warcraft.
Also, the least squishy class.
Sometimes referred to as mushrooms
WTF????? Fu**ing dots...and what the fu** is with these warlocks??? and now they have felguards?????
by Kudosman December 12, 2006
The Best Player in World of Warcraft is a Warlock...His Name is Orbiey on Lothar...Good friends of King Agner (who listens to Orbiey) Also Partner in crime with Etudior
Orbiey the Masta Warlock
by TurkeyKnives May 07, 2007
When a woman can do metal style growling vocals. As she deepthroats you growls a the same time.
I hooked up with that metal singer last night.. amazing man she has perfected the Warlock
by Mcfatts June 23, 2016
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