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1. What you do when your bored of peace.

2. An American Past time.

3. Something France hates.

4. Teaches people living in the United States Geography.


If we do not end war - war will end us.

-H.G. Wells

George Bush: Damn now what, we're already made everyone in the world hate us.

Dick Cheney: Hmmm.... I already shot someone, so lets go to war, Iraq looks good.
by SeanShizzle September 25, 2009
Girls of African/ African American decent that crave for cocks, usually for the Caucasoid type. (Black girls that do not crave crackers are just called sluts.) Usually not of urban culture but the white dominated suburban kind. They will usually allow multiple crackers to fuck and penetrate there loose pussies, they always swallow. They usually become addicted to the white cock and always come back for more. Also referred to as "hit it n' quit it sluts"
Laquisha: Shanaynay did you hear what Aisha did?

Shanaynay: YO what she do?

Laquisha: While visiting that cracka school, she let all those skinny homeboy cracker bitches take turns fucking her in the ass and giving her facials.

Laquisha: Ahhh hell nah.

Shanaynay: Worst part is she decided to go to that college.

Laquisha: Damn dat bitch is a black slut.
by SeanShizzle September 24, 2009
1. (N) A mythical creature.

2. (N) Demonic Apparition

3. (Adj) Term used to describe someone of beastly form. The person being described is usually male. He/she is covered in hair, they are usually sporting a "Goatee." There natural habitat is within various work out gyms, however they have been know to live in dark forests or caves. They are nocturnal beasts and are most likely found prowling your neighborhood in search of "prey."

They are extremely dangerous animals, especially to females, who they will leave with "Anal fissures."

If you come into contact with one, stop immediately, they have poor vision and usually rely on smell and sound. If necessary the "fetal position" is the safest way to survive an attack.

4. (N) Another word for "Big foot"

5. (N) Missing Link

6. (N) Rapist

See also: "Uncle Tom"

See also: "T.M.A."

Girl1: Holy shit did you see that beast staring us down?

Girl2: The hairy goatee mother fucker?

Girl1: Hell ya, his demonic eyes pierced my soul.

Girl2: Damn, what a fucking TomMonster.


Girl1: That rapist TomMonster dude over there looks like he's about to rape someone.

Girl2: Ya I know, my ass hole just started to hurt.
by SeanShizzle September 26, 2009
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