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A story about 6 fugitives in the future who fight Xenoware. the fugitives are: Jeremy Gnoels, some 17 year old who's metal from the neck down Regulus 17, an android who follows around this other character, Richard who's some lazy forty five year old scientist with 6 metal spider legs coming from his back, Narox, twenty-something alien in the military, Epperan, the blind kid, and Laura, the chick who's an assassin. featured on geocities.com/silversony65
That guy looks like Jeremy Gnoels from A.D 2688
by sony65 March 23, 2005
an insult for people who play or own an X-box. Same for other other systems such as lamecube, gaystation or gayboy advanced. These insults don't apply to me because I was deprived of games awhile back.
Gamecuber: don't you come near me, X-cox.
X-boxer: you wanna start somethin' lamecube?
Platstationer: Come on, this is getting old guys.
X-boxer: you stay outta this!
Gamecuber:Yeah, you shut the hell up!
by Sony65 November 01, 2004
A show on cartoon network wich was about a robot somehow stuck in the late 80's. The robot had some badly drawn friends and enemies. I thought his first voice was funny, but they replaced it with a gay-ass one. thankfully, they took this nonsense show off air for good reason.
Whatever DID happen to Robot Jones
by Sony65 November 05, 2004
Something that is really unnecesary since our problems can be solved without killing eachother. Is also a distraction from technology advancements. People should just band together and Improve Earth and should only really use these weapons if aliens happen to attack earth.
Country A: I wage war unto thou!
Country B: what will that solve?
Country A: That I am better than you and instead of joining you for your crops and land, I shall sieze it, killing millions who get in the way.
Country B: That's just stupid.
by sony65 September 14, 2005
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