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11 definitions by fag

stands for Gentlemen Quarterly and is popular magazine for men
Lets go read GQ o yeaaaaaaa
by fag May 05, 2003
125 79
What kids say when they want to sound "hardcore".
That band is making money and a living now, what sellouts!
by fag May 29, 2003
139 102
A fag made of clay. he fucks his bitchy coworker made of clay and her cat...which is also *Suprise* made of clay. he painted eyes and mouths on his consruction vehicles and likes to talk to them.

Whispers: we know hes on crack.
"bob the butthole! can we fuck it?

Bob the butthole! We are Fags!
by fag January 20, 2005
143 113
Urban slang for Cigarettes
Riggs plz
by Fag January 04, 2004
54 41
Smarmy little faggot that lords above others
"That Raysel just dissed me to the tenth degree, yo."
by fag June 01, 2004
17 15
Breeds some of the dumbest protestors ever. War is a necesary evil. War is bad...gee you think you're the first to get that god damn idea, we'd probably use it if it worked.
war...the only way to solve problems in this world
by fag June 28, 2003
67 66
A club for gay men who wish they could make it into the real KKK.
Oh, I didn't mean THAT KKK.
by fag June 01, 2003
4 10