white gangsta
that white boy thinks hes a gangsta but hes only a WANKSTA
by yeah April 18, 2004
Austin Anderson
Austin is a wanksta
by Tricky May 02, 2003
a wanksta is a woman gangsta.
Dude, danielle is a wanksta.
by lolololololololzz May 03, 2005
A gay ass white trash bitch tryin to be black or azn, and f*cking up the ghetto
White+Gangsta= Wanksta
by A true gangsta March 13, 2003
andrew hayes
im andrew hayes and im such a wanksta
by jojo May 16, 2004
1. A wannabe, in some cases implying white males dressing up with bandannas.
2. A wannabe gangster, as shown by the song by 50 Cent. This, unfortunately, may be applied to most celebrity rappers, who usually speak of "slapping bitches" in their "hood's", while in reality they are only figureheads of the violent gangs of America (i.e, the Crips, the Bloods, et al).
3. A very good rap song.
1. Justin Timberlake
2. Ja Rule, Eminem
3. "Wanksta" by 50 Cent
by Anonymous March 17, 2003

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