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to get your balls cut off
my girlfriend castrated me when she found out i was cheating on her.
by 69 December 23, 2004
please refer to dumbass
that dubya really needs to be castrated
by 69 December 23, 2004
a beverage ordered by women who are ona diet after they order SEVERAL MENU ITEMS
i will have a slice of pie and diet coke
by 69 July 23, 2003
trading sexual partners
joe and mary are swappers so they invited bill and jane over for sex with each other wife
by 69 July 23, 2003
condom/ jimmie
i put a mask on to prevent being a daddy
by 69 December 22, 2003
Medal of honor: Allied Assault

Think about it, this game requires more skill than any other game really, leaning, walking, aim, it has it all, exictment, it owns tbh.

Top clans in mohaa as of 1st March 2005 are:

ISS - International Sheep^Shaggers
6s. - Sixth Sense^
sB - .sexeh-Biatches^
I might ask ISS for trial O.o
by 69 March 01, 2005
fatass, smelly buck toothed girl with a big gut and small feet. Favorite pasttime: eating food, burping, farting,licking...food
yo, check out that smell? Whurr da Hydo AT???!
by 69 April 10, 2005
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