gangster wannabe
JaRule is a wanksta
by one l0ve` October 02, 2003
a fake, pop "gansta" e.g 50 cent. Pretends 2 be ruthless but contradicts himself 24/7. all dey do is talk shit but does very little crime
50 cent claims "Ja rule tries 2 be the new 2pac" when he trys to become 2pac himself. Acts like the da Al Capone of the rap game wen anybody with slight intelligence will kno he's a pussy.
Wankstas are ordinary people who try too hard to be the STEREOTYPICAL GANGSTER. Ja rule's also a Wanksta by the way.
by Blaze Up January 14, 2006
a word NOT created by dumbass 50 cent. Come on now, we used that word when i was in middle school and high school. Eight years before f*u*c*k*ing 50 cent.
by cutie kitty September 02, 2003
50 cent is a wanksta. he has been shot but he ain't never done any shootin.
50 cent is calling jarule a wanksta but really he 50 is also a wanksta
a fake/whack gangsta. made popular by the 50 cent song of 2003.

NOT to be confused with wangsta - which is not a slang in ANY hood except maybe china. people who don't know anything only pretend that this is right and there are a sh*itload of them because there are like 8 entries under wangsta.
You said you a gangsta
But you neva pop nuttin
You said you a wanksta
And you need to stop frontin'
You go to the dealership
But you neva cop nuttin'
You been hustlin a long time
And you ain't got nuttin
by werthestreets August 31, 2006
everyone already seems to know so screw it.
In the case of "50 cent" there seems to be some disagreement, however "Ja Rule", to be sure, is widely considered to be a prime grade Wanksta.
by jim, white guy April 05, 2003
1.) fake gansta
2.) wanna-be pimp
he aint no gansta, nigga he a wanksta
by younggurl March 05, 2005
Homo THUG,
Wanna be gangsta
Stop bluffin u wanksta,
by Payam Vaziri November 13, 2005
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