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24 definitions by mos def and talib kweli are blackstar

One funny ass person. said to be the new king of comedy by blender magazine. Has a very funny show on Comedy central. Starred in half baked, appaered in under cover brother and screwed. He has been funny for a long time but people have just started jumping on the bandwagon since his new show.
Dave chappelle is funny as hell.
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A cheap person or a over cautious person. Tight taken from 'Uptight'.
Dude, Macv won't even hace people over cuz he thinks we will make a mess of his house, what a tight ass.
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A more appropriate substitue for smart ass, correct spelling is elick.
teacher: hey you in the back, quit being a smart aleck.

Alec(boy in the back: my name is alec.

Thsi actually happened in my class it was damn funny
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Great point guard now playing for the golden state warriors. Good friends with rapper the game. Has great leaping abilities, great passer and talented shooter. The best dunking point guard in the league. Sometimes refered to as bdiddy.
Did you see the dunk competion where baron davis put a headband over his eyes before the dunk.

Ya thats stupid how he put eye holes in the headband.
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A well known mc/recording artist, though what, for the most part, is not known is how intelligent his lyrics are. Has the abilitiy to rap not only in English, but in Haiti French.Former member of teh fugees and innovater of teh refugee all-stars.
Have you ever the sound of a four-four at your door?/you got guns, i got guns/meet me at the corner store/After school wild wild west/even the teacher got a vest/ Street Jeopardy
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A great underground rapper. Appeared along side wyclef in the great 'Kenny Roger's Dub Plate' track, also appeared with Talib Kweli and Black Thought in 'Guerilla Monsoon rap' produced by Kanye west. His album Internal Affairs is great too.
'My Life' by Pharaohe Monch and Stlyes P is one of the best songs i've ever heard.
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The skin around penis tip. very pleasurable for men during intercourse or masturbation.
i have fore skin on the tip of my penis.
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