A white person who wishes they were African American, so they use slang and innapropriate words, change their clothes (babyphat, phat pharm, sean john), and become sexually interested in African Americans.
Wangster1: girl check out my new babyphat gold hoops
Wangster2: dangg, they off the chizzain forizzeal!
#white #poser #wangsta #innapropriate #babyphat
by AlisonAlisonAlison January 21, 2007
Top Definition
A fake gangster, a wannabe gangster, faux ghetteo, rich bitch, rich rapper, thinx hes ghetter. (wannabe gangster= Wangster)
Yo, shizzle, he aint got game, he just a wangster man.
by catholic.shcool.girl. November 24, 2003
a wanna be gangster
You say you a wangster but you need to stop fronting.
by Nina January 22, 2003
Someone who wishes to become G.
To tell if someone is a wannabe gangster, please look out for:
* Sudden personality change
* Sudden change in music interest
* New vocabulary
* Referring to themselves as something like Chezzle Bizzle Fo Shizzle!!
* Fake bling, about £5 from your local asda.
* Simple wannabe signs.

"I like Paramore :D!"
5 days later
"omg paramore r soooooo crapp chipmunk n-dubz kanye west bladd brap guna merk ya lol"
wangster ^
#gangster #wannabe #paramore #music #rap #rnb #wannabes
by LOLHI!!!!!!!!!!! September 03, 2008
A wanna be gangster (usually white boys named Sean C.)
Sean C.

if your name is Sean you are one
#sean #wangster #coolios #cabin7 #cabin 7 #hatikvah
by Cabin 7!!! :) January 02, 2009
a white male who deeply wishes that he could be a black man who grew up in the "hood" by copying the african-american culture such as droopy pants, baggy clothes, certain types of headwear, and colorful basketball shoes
"dude, look at that white dude"

"he is trying to be black"

"what a wangster"
#wannabe #wangester #eminem #sean j. #white ass cracker
by SkyzDaLimit December 29, 2009
White, wannabe gangsters. A poser G.
"What's up with Johnny lately?"
"He's become a total wangster. Ever noticed that crowd of wangsters he hangs around with?"
#wangster #white #wannabe #gangster #poser #fake
by Danisaurus WRECK January 23, 2009
a broke down wanna be gangster
look at that nerd hanging around those gangters, he wants to be a gangster, but he's a wangster
by Tim October 29, 2002
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