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Some middle to upperclass kid who emulates the gang culture/lifestyle, while living in a suburban/rural area.
J-rock from the trailer park boys is a wangster.
by maggiemoo2 November 10, 2009
(n.) 'wang'-'ster'
1. An abbreviated way to say white ganster

2. An abbreviated way to say wannabe gangser
Our boys shot up that wangster last night.
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
wanna be gangsters who try to look tough even though they only have a 1 inch pinch and they are wearing g strings under their pants they have wear dc shoes and also wearing gas station hats on their head sideways thinking they look gangster but really they look like fucking faggots usually they will say something like yo dawg chizzle thinking they are all black but when when a black guy sees them he drops all their asses.
wangster: yo dawg shizzle my dizzle bo bizzle.
black guy: shut the fuck up you little fucking wangster!
by masterzadok September 26, 2011
1)Someone who dates super grenades; spends his/her days in perpetual state of unemployment and daydreaming. 2)possessing quality or qualities like that of S. Wang
Did you see that Wangster? he's been bumming for like 3 years.
by daltonhuynh May 03, 2011
A white guy trying to act like a gangster..
Why you tryin to act hard.... Punk @$$ you're nothing but a wangster.
by Chi-Townn November 06, 2008
A wannabe gangster. Signs of someone being a wang-ster are: Jeans 20 sizes to big, sagging at the knees (hey who wants to look at my brand new boxers?!), obsession over bad rap music, excessive use of using the word "nigga", and being white while having these symptoms.
Gilbert: Yo, yo, yo, wassup my niggas?! Yall wanna look at mah new boxas???"

Everyone else: Fuck off, Gilbert


Jim: Yo niggas, let's chill wit sum rap that suks but do it anywaya

John: Fuck off wang-ster, no one likes you
by Societyisstupid September 10, 2009
someone who reps a city their not even from. like phoenix.
ryan k. " I effing love the suns!"
- wangster status.
by thuglyyyyf June 26, 2011