A term with no meaning since the 1st gangsters were actually white. look at the prohibition and al capone.
Wangster is a false word
by The Last of the Old Age October 26, 2006
1. A white gangster

2. A wannabe, white, gangster
I hate Scott...he's a wangster, yo!
by Max Da Gurrl Wangster January 02, 2005
A white inbred boy who thinks he's black and preys on little girls on myspace while beating it too much
Brooks is a wangster who got jumped after beating it at roller hockey too much
by bigshrew October 01, 2006
A white gangster. also used as a person that wants to be a gangster but has never worked hard for something a day in their life.
toaf thinks hes punk but hes the biggest wangster.
by shawty royal July 10, 2008
a group of white people that try and think that they are black by trying to act tough by picking on other white people till a black person comes and beats there ass.
that fuckin gay ass wangster corey deprey is trying to fight a cripple, what a tity eating duche bag with no friends.
by hudsonhawk November 03, 2007
A white person who wishes they were African American, so they use slang and innapropriate words, change their clothes (babyphat, phat pharm, sean john), and become sexually interested in African Americans.
Wangster1: girl check out my new babyphat gold hoops
Wangster2: dangg, they off the chizzain forizzeal!
by AlisonAlisonAlison January 21, 2007
The most pleasurable, dirtiest, sexiest, pimpest sex act ever.

Take doggy style, mix it with cowgirl, throw in a Mexican potato chip and mix in a whole truck load of lube and you're close.
Oh my god, Sarah is so freaking hot. I hear she can loves to wangster all night long.
by IntellectSpeaks September 20, 2007

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