A white person who thinks they're black. These people often try to act, dress, steal, talk and walk like black people, even though they are unaware of the fact that they look like fucking losers. You'd think these poser ass faggots would be proud of not being black. They are a disgrace to white people everywhere.
White guy is introduced to a black guy through a friend. White guy says "Yo whatup dawg dizzle?" Black guy gives white guy a blank stare, looks around at everyone else, then says "Wut da fuck? This guy for real? Quit actin' a fool you Wangster!"
by Face it, you know it's true. August 24, 2010
A wangster is some wanker (a loser) white guy that trys to act cool or be like a black gangster.
Person 1: Dude that white guys is so lame, he thinks he's so cool wearing jeans around his knees, and those hats, saying "yo"

Person 2: Ya, he's such a wangster!
by lildancerr March 18, 2009
Wangster; A white gangster
that Benny kid is a total wangster
by Fawktard April 19, 2011
someone extremely proficient in the use of a penis.
He's a primo wangster.
She's a wangster machine.
by snappy's February 06, 2008
A white person who wishes they were African American, so they use slang and innapropriate words, change their outfits, and become sexually interested in African American women.
Alison: "yo, dat girl Maggie is such a wangster."

Christina: "girl i know! do you herr all those nasty words she be usin?"
by Cedidra January 11, 2007
a gangster with a small penis.
he tries so hard to be ghetto. he's such a wangster.
by bigusdickus July 21, 2009
A white person trying to act like a gangster
That white boy is such a wangster.
by Lindsey & Lisa November 27, 2005

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