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To wance, is to wank whilst dancing to a song.
Oh yeah, I was wancing hard last night my mate Ebooo over Steps version of Tragedy. He's taught me some class new moves to enhance my wancing. I love to wance :>
#wance #wank #wanker #hand #shandy
by Steve Bunce March 02, 2007
To walk and dance at the same time
I saw this weird chick wancing back to get a drink at the concert; it's a funny sight to see someone wance.
#dance #walk #weird #odd #inane
by pterodactyl55 February 18, 2011
The amount of times you have the axe of a pioneer.
John: I wance had the axe of a pioneer.
John: I wance wance wance.
#axe #weapon #fool #dead #pioneer
by lol wance May 22, 2011
Derived from the word nancy, describes a male whom is extraordinarily sensitive to physical, verbal and mental challenges, or otherwise displays other feminine qualities.
Wow, Mylin is such a fucking wance, he had a cry just because I smashed his girl
#homo #bitch #nancy boy #girl #loser
by Lynchy@Coffs July 19, 2006
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