1. A cheap strategy in tower defense type games in which the builder "walls off" the path of the monsters rather than putting them through a maze with a through path. This strategy is generally considered cheating and usually leads to being banned or otherwise punished.

2. On the highway, when there is exactly one car on every lane, the cars are all aligned with each other going at the same slow speed, and the cars maintain this position (usually unwittingly) without having been forced to by traffic or other reasons.
1. "Detected a wall in Player 2's tower maze; player 2 is now banned"

2. "Goddamn it those four drivers in front of me be walling and I can't fuckin pass them. There's no cars within 1000 feet of them; it's almost like it's coordinated."
by www.maxloh.com July 10, 2012
Top Definition
Using a wall hack in an online game. Almost always illegal and will get the player banned from the server.
d00d taht gey n00b haxor bitch is walling. im callin teh admin
by Wile E. Ferret2 August 11, 2005
To have sex standing up.
I caught this guy totally walling this chick inside the closet!
by TheManHdG February 11, 2009
A form of torture used by the USA. The tortured person is slammed against a wall.
Walling is illegal according to the European Court of Human rights.
by carrm April 21, 2009
Tripping, bugging, messing around. Etc
person 1: ayo young Dracula what's hanning with that fat chick you was kissing yesterday, you gon cuff her up?

Person 2: nigga fuck you, you walling. That's all you, she was dropping it like its hot on you this morning, you think I didn't peep that. Lil bitch (big Sean voice)

You walling = you tripping, bugging, messing around.
by Tutty frutty baby!! October 21, 2013
when two people continuously write on each others walls instead of having a private messaging convo or chat.
i logged into facebook and all that was on my news feed was them walling to each other.
by xX SweetBuddha April 28, 2010
walling is related to facebook walls. when there is a person that you have a romantic interest for you

wall, meaning that you are always on their facebook seeing exactly what they are doing, it is a lighter term for facebook stalking; derived from punching the wall, or asking someone out also, therefore, you are the puncher, (the one who asks out) and your crush is the wall(the one you ask out.)
I really like this guy, so I was walling him.
Facebook Stalking
by GoldMedalWallerForLyfe January 31, 2010
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