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Extremely busy.
Events occurring one after another without a break.
Tuesday I'm wall to wall, in fact my whole damn week is wall to wall.

I've got wall to wall interviews all day.

by Trickypat July 19, 2008
After the first time they have sex together, a guy calls or emails the girl to say something nice and prevent her from feeling cheap.

Can also mean spending time on the phone or in-person during a later friendly date (not leading to sex) listening to the girl's problems.
Fred: Is Josh still on the phone with Becky ? It's been like an hour.

Bill: Is Becky the girl he banged the other day?

Fred: That's the one.

Bill: After-sales service.

Fred: Hope he didn't offer an extended warranty.
by Trickypat March 28, 2010
A person who maniacally controls the schedule of a group gathering or event to the point where everyone else wants to kill them.

This person is particularly rampant during family events and the hectic holiday season.
"Guys, we need to be back by 4pm or the baby is going to miss his nap. Do you have your shoes on yet? Were leaving in 3 minutes. I'm going to wait in the car" * door slam *

- "Looks like Schedule Nazi is back."
- "With a vengeance."

by Trickypat December 04, 2008

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