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The term "walking the dog" isn't what it seems. For most people, they would take their four-legged lovable doggie out for a stroll. In this case, "walking the dog" means to go home at lunch and masturbate until you howl louder than your dog. Most common tools used for this action: Hilighter, Hair brush, Dildo, Rubber fist, Shock collar & Colt's swag... fingers are not too common.
Bob: Hey, Fred, where you off to?

Fred: Off walking the dog...

Bob: Ohh, walk the dog, eh? Funny how I see you don't leave your apartment! Who's walking who??
by tootsoonie3 January 14, 2011
8 7
Saying to your internet friends that you're going to walk the dog, but instead you are sexually pleasuring yourself.
Hey Vega, I'll be back in fifteen just Walking the Dog.
by MrShades May 31, 2011
11 11
Code for smoking marijuana.
I'll be right back, I'll be outside Walking the Dog
by Kronok January 17, 2007
8 20
beatin off, masturbating
"Hey mike i gotta call u back, i'm about to go walking the dog."
by Seriyon November 25, 2006
21 33
It means giving head, eating a girl out, or eating pussy, the song 'walkin the dog' by Rufus Thomas (also covered by the Stones) has lyrics indirectly making references to felacio.
"i was walking the dog for days before i smashed her out!"
by sacto May 23, 2008
5 26
While in the act of doggy style sex, you push your girlfriend forward so she is crawling on her hands and knees and you walk behind her while still having sex.
Don't forget to bring the pooper scooper when you and your girlfriend decide to go walking the dog.
by big_bfb September 14, 2006
8 29
The act of letting a fart out while walking so to not be the one fingered as the farter.
"Dude I was just walking the dog past the Head table!!!" i.e. at a wedding.
by skullme May 26, 2007
1 34