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A poker tactic where you have a powerhouse hand and someone is betting into you. Instead of raising, you just let the other person do all the betting for you until the very end.
If I re-raise, he's just gonna fold. Better just walk the dog.
by henry73 August 22, 2005
To go off somewhere and take a dump.
I'll be right back....gotta go hit the barn.
by henry73 August 29, 2005
A variant of the popular card game "pass the ace." In this version, when you lose the last of your three bets, you have the option to buy one extra turn (fuck the mule), usually for twice the price of one of the normal bets.
Dammit! I lost my last stack. That's a big pot out there. I'm gonna fuck the mule.
by henry73 August 22, 2005

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