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to masturbate immediately or soon after waking from slumber. similar to a wake and bake
I had a dream about Vida Guerra--had to wake and shake like a madman.
by whitebolo April 16, 2005
The act of waking up and starting your day by ingesting large amounts of speed, preferably by method of insufflation.
Jimmy started his day with a wake and shake- he woke up and immediately started blowing his brother's prescription of adderall. Five minutes later he started to clean his entire house.
by NomNomNomSpeed June 26, 2009
Similar to the "wake and bake," except that it involves jerking off instead of smoking pot.
I was dreaming about this hottie all night, so in the morning it was time for a little wake and shake.
The compelling need to get off after awaking.
Also known as the Nap and Slap.
The young woman, Britt, demanded that Dale be on MSN when she awoke so she could Wake and Shake, although she knew she secretly wanted to ask Ava to assist in her Nap and Slap.
by NotAva0a June 07, 2010
to masterbate immediatly after waking up
dude, I barely got out of bed this morning. had to wake and shake to wake up
by eggz09 February 02, 2012
The act of waking up in the morning and immediately beginning to masturbate.
I woke up this morning feeling really horny, so I did a quick wake and shake.
by Cambriass January 10, 2011
Derived from wake and bake

An act of masturbating soon after waking up.
Dude I get mega morning glory, it's hell.
Aha so do I but i get rid of it with a good old wake and shake.

What did you get up to last night?
Slept round some girls, what a night...
Aha what happened the next morning though?
She gave me a wake and shake!
by Sammiisprkl May 03, 2010
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