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to masterbate immediatly after waking up
dude, I barely got out of bed this morning. had to wake and shake to wake up
by eggz09 February 02, 2012
The use of masterbation specifically for the point of falling asleep quickly or if one were restless
guy 1:dude there was no way i coulda slept after that party resterday, I rolled around for an hour before resorting to seminception, slept like baby after that.

guy 2:we need to go dee-

guy 1:shut the hell up
by eggz09 February 02, 2012
a person who is unable to speak in the present tense
*takes a swig of beer from a bottle
"mmmh, this beer was tasting very good and is going to be remarkably smooth"

"I am going to be a slinkerknot"
by eggz09 September 13, 2011
the phenomena occuring when a female bends over and reveals what would normally be clevage, which is instead blocked by her locks of hair falling down over her shoulder
Dude look at Amy try to get that notebook out of her backpack

Oh Swee- damnit man im getting lock-blocked
by eggz09 April 20, 2011

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