Having a bong standing beside your bed, so you can
smoke a few hits, before entering the new day
in a totally smashed state.
C´s wake and bake didn´t work out today.
He fell over as he tried to get out of bed.
by Weltregierung April 25, 2007
The act of waking up of a morning and partaking of the chronic by means of a bong without leaving the comfort of one's bed. Made possible by possession of a serving wench/lad to present baking instuments and narcotics on a silver tray or, failing this convenience, the forethought to leave apparatus within reach of the squalid heap where one collapsed in a munted stupor the previous evening.
"Martibald, I believe I shall Wake-and-Bake this good morning"
"Exemplary idea, Frederico. By the by, why are we in bed together?"
by Faulkling July 31, 2006
wake up, roll over, grab your ready paxked bowl, and toke the shit up.
chelsea: hows your morning?
emily: great, every morning is great when you "wake and bake."
by emmalicious! December 29, 2008
Why Santonio Holmes now plays for the New York Jets.
Ganja smoking is not a good choice of hobby for an NFL player. Mike Tomlin wont be having it. Telling the world you wake and bake via twitter is some straight up stupidity.
by PDPMT April 14, 2010
"Waking & Baking" is used when somebody wakes up and immediately starts to smoke cannabis, Bally can often be found waking and baking.
"Bally what you bin up too?"
"Not much man, the usual, waking and baking"

"Wake and bake, wake and bake, thats what i say" - Bally.
by WhittleseyRob May 10, 2007
smokin a fat spliff as soon as one has woken up, usually ready rolled or bonged, preferably after a night of constant pot smokin
u up for a quick wake and bake
by harley January 04, 2004
Wake and Bake is when you have a sweet bowl and a cup o' joe. Or the equivalent to caffeine.
I love to wake and bake with French Roast and Thai.
by Dragonfly Fairrie February 09, 2008

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