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The best place to live in boring germany.
An ancient harbor city, where u can party almost every day.
It´s quite clean, diverse, polite and open to anyone
from anywhere. Just grab an Astra-Beer and have a seat at the
bar. Overall a tolerant place, where the cops don´t
bother peaceful potheads while on patrol.

Famous Reeperbahn redlight-district included.

"Hamburg meine Perle, Du wunderschoene Stadt!"
by Weltregierung January 03, 2008
Having a bong standing beside your bed, so you can
smoke a few hits, before entering the new day
in a totally smashed state.
C´s wake and bake didn´t work out today.
He fell over as he tried to get out of bed.
by Weltregierung April 25, 2007
a german city located at the edge of the Ruhr-Area,
one hour from the dutch border.

Once famous for it´s beer, nowadays for
it´s soccer team.

And it´s only 2 hours to Amsterdam :-)

(a common sound on a dortmund street:) "BURPS!"
by Weltregierung April 11, 2007
Shortform for all Kalashnikov Assault Rifles.

The A(utomat) K(alashnikov)- 47
entered service in 1947 and became the mother of many modern Assault rifles.

Cheap and reliable, over 50 armies use them. Several african nations carried it in their national flag.

Afghanistan - Compton - Waco - Zimbawe .....simply a must have!
"Throw me that AK, and a couple of banana-clips - i wanna blast that f****! "
by Weltregierung August 04, 2005
The pocket-assault-rifle. The german answer to the FN P90.

Resembling a Sci-Fi Pistol it can be shot one-handed.
High armor piercing capability, low recoil, tiny in size.

What the Mp5 is for law-enforcement, the MP7 will be
for Spec-Ops in the future.
Nobody knew he packed a gun, till he pulled
his MP7 out an unleashed hell on those guys
who thought they were safe in their Type 3 Body Armor.
by Weltregierung October 11, 2006
THE part of hamburg, germany u wanna live in if you´re cool.
It´s got river access, it´s own redlight-district, it´s own soccer club, it´s own brewery, it´s own people
and it´s own laws.

a pleasure to be there.
Ich wohn auf St.Pauli
by Weltregierung January 03, 2008
a term of disapproval a copywriter gives to his artdirector when he just wants the layout done his way.
Cum on biatch, nobody want that ugly flowery thang
growing in this layout. Schnizzlemavisual, or else!
by Weltregierung April 25, 2007

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