V. A euphemism for the word "Rape" made up by Wal-Mart, (and later adopted in K-Mart stores as well),in order to sell a Nirvana album. The album featured a song called "Rape Me", which most likely expressed the band's feelings about the music industry. Being the profiteers they are, Wal-Mart changed the name of the song, however most other text referring to the song remained the same.
Person 1: "I just got done hearing that kick ass "Waif me" song.

Person 2: "Go google that song."
by Vomica Medicus August 14, 2011
chicks who think being skinny is hot.
clearly delusional and are afraid to be
real women and grow breast and ass.
DAT' waif so skinny being all flat and
no bootie is making me nauseaous.
by bog January 11, 2003
a homeless person; hobo
The waif was stealing shit.
by craig January 19, 2004
a shortish, blonde, skinny girl who had the word schtoom stolen from her and then used against her...but has now reclaimed it by adding defintions for both schtoom and waif...victory!
by schaffy February 20, 2005
Someone without any friends
"get away from me you waif, go hang out with your friends... wait you don't have any. hahahaha"
by Col. Christ May 15, 2004

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