Stomping on an opposing player during a football game.
Albert Haynesworth got in trouble with the NFL for waffling Andre Gurode.
by Annonymous7 July 06, 2009
To continuously use the word waffle in ever day vocabulary.
Did u read that explosm comic that i sent xD AAAAAAHA.. cracked me right the waffle up.. omfg i cant stop waffling!!!
by Ky Renee December 23, 2008
the act of participating in waffle cone wednesday at TCBY
anyone up for waffling next wednesday?
by whitey138 January 20, 2005
To talk of write foolishly.
see equivocate and vacillate
He had a habbit waffling tiresomely off the point.
by Bob August 29, 2004
Constant, pointless talking that begins to turn into a continuous slur for the listener. Becomes very boring after a few minutes and can even cause drowsiness in severe cases.
My ass he is waffling again!
by Ad August 26, 2004
To say or do one thing, then when called on it change your position.
Watch your feet, That Kerry, he's a waffling againg.
by todman August 26, 2004
When women want doughnuts ......see doughnut.
Yo its 12 o clock foo lets go waffling.
by Yo dude August 24, 2004
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