"to waffle";(verb) To waver; to be uncertain in making a decision.
President Bush has accused John Kerry of "waffling" in his support of the war in Iraq, especially when Kerry said, "I voted for the war before I voted against it."
by Teresa Heinrich August 28, 2004
Waffling Is what happens to your butt when you sit in a beach chair for an extended amount of time.
Look at the Waffeling on that chicks ass.
by Tom Galyean August 27, 2004
Based on the path an ant would take if trying to travel in a straight line on a waffle (def: "breakfast food"). The path would be up, down, up, down, you get it. Descibes the thought processes of people who have no (testicles, brain, backbone, pick one). Basically being unable to make up your mind, and going back and forth between one decision and another.
I asked her to fuck, and she said she wanted to, and then no, and then yes, and then no... she kept waffling. I gave her a shot of tequila and she passed out; so I guess it was 'yes'.
by The Gris August 26, 2004
To waffle: to leave an impression on the face or body such as a waffel iron makes on a pancake.
He slammed into the chain link fence so hard it left a waffel on him.

When she awoke from her nap she had a waffle mark from the mat on her face.

She sat on his face till it waffeled her butt.
by Yonder August 24, 2004
The act of adding a whole lot of irrelevant/obvious information in the process of communication - in a speech, in an essay, etc. for the sole purposes of seeming more intelligent and increasing the length of the item.

Probably has nothing to do with actual waffles.
John, stop waffling, you've already covered that point.
by Henry Chong August 28, 2004
Changing one's position on an issue
Senator John Kerry is well known for waffling on the important political issues to appease both sides
by Paul Xiano August 21, 2004
Waffling or, to be waffly, is to lose yourself in talking rubbish. To speak about nothing but mention everything.
God damnit Farfegnugen, stop waffling!
by the bg August 20, 2004

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