Carrying dangerous contraband such as guns, knives, or shanks.
Tyler: Are you waffling?
Danny: Uuh, yeah?
by iD R O ii Dz April 15, 2010
When someone falls asleep on their keyboard and has a 'waffle' pattern on their face.
Person1: Why is so-and-so not responding to my IM's?
Person2: Dude, so-and-so is probably waffling!
by Oprahruru November 19, 2008
The inability to decide on something(s). Breakfast waffles have grooves that go up and down, like some people's opinions.
1: What color do you like?
2: Blue! No, red. No, wait- I love black. But I really like blue. No, I like red and black the best. Or maybe, green.
1: Quit waffling and just decide.
by sarah August 22, 2004
verb: 1) moving rapidly between positions, physical or otherwise.
2) making waffles (breakfast food) or a waffle shape.

noun: the markings on the bottom of a shoe, or on both flat sides of a waffle. The former is derived from the fact that Nike's original sole design was a result of the rubber being accidentally inserted into a waffle maker.
Nick's beat-up 19 year old truck waffled a bit on the edge of the ditch before it fell in and fucking exploded.

Four hundred people were killed in the Great Waffling of the summer of 1927, when an earthquake caused a batter factory in eastern California to spill its contents onto a grid of city streets in a 2-kilometer radius.

The waffling on my timbs left the bitch's ass with a stupid-looking mark for weeks.
by Hablacraja August 21, 2004
1. To talk on and on and on without realising that no-one is really listening to you, and you aren't really listening to what you are saying, you just like the sound of your own voice.

2. To 'waffle' or 'waffle on'
1. Geez that girl is really waffling

2. Man, can that bloke waffle on or what?
by muttman August 20, 2004
Rambling speech composed of waffle. The act of speaking (often at length and employing 'big' words) in a manner that reveals a lack of knowledge, an inability to properly explain, or an unwillingness to be speaking. Characterised by a waffle, -full of holes.
Lecturer: The propensity of water to fall off a ducks back says a lot about the nature of said duck, that is to say that the water falls off of its back.
Student: He's waffling again.
by verseguru August 20, 2004
To talk nonsense in order to fill time, a milder term for bullshit. Can be used as a term for meaningless sales speak. Verb form of waffle.
"Well its good value and I can see youre a man of taste.. blah blah.."
"Stop waffling and tell me how much it costs!!!"
by oracle August 20, 2004
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