Racial slur for a person of Belgian descent.
Fucking waffles taking our jobs...
by bubblebreaker March 22, 2009
A term used to describe something that is excessively awesome.
Jack: Dude that football game was totally waffle.

Joe: Fo' sho...
by George Pooshoes May 09, 2009
W-ah-ffle, meaning hashtag, "#" to be used for the action of adding a hashtag to a term or event.
"Put a waffle on it"
"Waffle it"
by Delwin penner January 04, 2016
The best breakfast ever! You will fall in love with them !
Hey guess what
by iamnine November 14, 2013
1. A better word for legit.
2. Cool, dope, etc.
Your bike is hella waffle.
by breakfastfoods June 29, 2010
Dundonian adjective - describes when someone is talking complete and utter bullshit
she's ectoed oot her box and is full o waffles.....

or can be used in response to a bullshit sentence by simply teaming it with the action of waving ur hand under your armpit and screaming WAFFLES in a high pitched voice!!!!

The intensity can be increased for a response to a huge bullshit by adding the word tattie before waffles eg that was a load of big tattie waffles
by sammylee1983 March 31, 2010
Used instead of ROFL
<User1> Im so fat
<User2> waffle !
by Anonymous November 11, 2002
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