The best breakfast ever! You will fall in love with them !
Hey guess what
by iamnine November 14, 2013
'Hey what up fool?' When spoken quickly by a Spanish speaking Mexican individual sounds like they are simply saying 'Hey Waffle'.
'Hey what up fool?' (When spoken quickly, sounds like 'Hey Waffle.')
by jstormer November 04, 2013
When a male/female puts their hand on a person, of the opposite genders thigh.
Alex waffled Jaicee on the car trip pack from Canada.

Maddie and Nick are planning on doing A LOT of waffling on the camping trip. They really love to waffle.
pancake with syrup traps
I eats my waffles with fruit so I has something to brush it off
by Smokeyedison October 18, 2011
To pwn someone to the fullest extent.
Dude did you see that indian chick fight go down?

- Yea man, the one thats name sounds like spinach got waffle?
by Mr. Gosalia July 02, 2011
- adjective; awesome, spectacular, cool, radical, tubular.
Dude did you go to the show last nite?

Yeah it was totally waffles!!
by Von Bron May 03, 2011
wfl=Whore for life, better said as WAFFLE.
You were such a waffle last night at that party!
by dddddddmmmmmm March 22, 2011

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