Verb - to organize pictures and other assorted shit on a sheet of paper.
We're not going to "waffle" anything. Get the fuck out of my art class.
by WhatDoIPutHereLol June 29, 2010
Best food ever when you're in your Stewie (you know, family guy!) pajamas! yummers.
" what did you have for breakfast?"

"......... hmmm.... waffles!"
(lulz ensue.)
by Starchiiild Nirvana. August 09, 2009
The best breakfast ever invented.
Aren't waffles great??
YEAH...they're the best breakfast ever invented!!!!
by oavasjf June 09, 2009
waffles are a treat fit for a king!
I'm a fat lazy im hungry slave fetch me some waffles.


(mouth full of food) oh my god this shit is good!
by yum yum eadumup good July 10, 2008
slang for "wow fool"
If someone were to say something particularly idiodic, one might reply "waffle!"
by bryciey February 20, 2007
A really awesome person, who pretty much is loved by everyone, yet is over looked.
Wow, I never noticed but she's a waffle.
by Ivy2008 July 26, 2006
Waffle (used in refrance to extreme sport)

Waffle (n.)

The word waffle, in reference to extreme sports, originated from its use in describing interference on a short wave or HAM radio.

Eventually the word was used in skiing, to inform a friend what the landing of a cliff or kicker was like. In the skiing sense, waffle means ice, moguls, rock, trees or other undesired obstacles at the landing of a jump.

Now this term can be used in a wide range of outdoor sports including, mountian biking, sledding, long boarding, and any sport involving shredding.
HAM radio operator: "there's a lot of radio waffle, I can't under stand him"

Skier: "you'll need a lot of speed, there's about 7 feet waffle you need to clear at the base"

Long boarder: "dude I totally wiped out! Didn't see all that waffle on the road"
by Proveyourpoint April 17, 2014
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