The best breakfast ever! You will fall in love with them !
Hey guess what
by iamnine November 14, 2013
When a male/female puts their hand on a person, of the opposite genders thigh.
Alex waffled Jaicee on the car trip pack from Canada.

Maddie and Nick are planning on doing A LOT of waffling on the camping trip. They really love to waffle.
- adjective; awesome, spectacular, cool, radical, tubular.
Dude did you go to the show last nite?

Yeah it was totally waffles!!
by Von Bron May 03, 2011
wfl=Whore for life, better said as WAFFLE.
You were such a waffle last night at that party!
by dddddddmmmmmm March 22, 2011
1. A better word for legit.
2. Cool, dope, etc.
Your bike is hella waffle.
by breakfastfoods June 29, 2010
Dundonian adjective - describes when someone is talking complete and utter bullshit
she's ectoed oot her box and is full o waffles.....

or can be used in response to a bullshit sentence by simply teaming it with the action of waving ur hand under your armpit and screaming WAFFLES in a high pitched voice!!!!

The intensity can be increased for a response to a huge bullshit by adding the word tattie before waffles eg that was a load of big tattie waffles
by sammylee1983 March 31, 2010
Best food ever when you're in your Stewie (you know, family guy!) pajamas! yummers.
" what did you have for breakfast?"

"......... hmmm.... waffles!"
(lulz ensue.)
by Starchiiild Nirvana. August 09, 2009

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