adj,'publicly decreed to be not very good by those of taste and distinction. That which makes an effort to achieve the approbation of the cultural vanguard but fails due to a lack of authenticity'

The word is of uncertain etymology. It first emerged from the highly non-standard forms of ebonics used by New York rappers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Because Kriss Kross, is wiggedy wiggedy wack! (Kriss Kross, 'Jump', 1992)

...cuz it's a fact if you wack, you ain't sayin' jack! (Gangstarr, 'Check The Technique', 1991)
by Dan Bowen March 13, 2008
One who is wacked.

Reject via popular (and in some cases unpopular) crowd.
me: "Dude, you know CJ?"
Danny: "Yeah, dude, he's such a wack now, ever since he started playing RuneScape and tried to talk to people about it."
by patrick_is_sexy September 19, 2007
bad,not good. sometimes used in freestyle battlin'.
"you're shit was wack!"
by brixx May 23, 2005
somebody who is white and acts black. The W stands for white , the ''ack'' stands for black.
him, have you seen tim's shoes
her Ya there Wack
by jeff222 March 19, 2014
to kill someone, in the mob
He disrespected me, so I wacked him.
by coach_max September 21, 2012
1. Something shitty, old or inferior.
2. An amazing Mindless Self Indulgence song.
1. Jim: Did you see Joe's gig last night?

Rick: Yeah man, that shit was wack!
2. My shit is wack! Oh oh oh, ho oh oh! Down to defy niggaz and my double-wide niggaz!
by BringThePineapples December 19, 2011
a very cool term. Used to describe someone when they say or perform an action that is admired by others.
dude, amanda is so wack
by awahlstedt May 26, 2011

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