A group of spazzing, sparring canadians who PRACTICE all the time.
I see a wack of canadians hanging around there.
by CNADIAN October 06, 2010
Wack, an african american slang word, oftenly used to replace "shit, bad, horrible, not cool, stupid" and any other generally negative words.

Wack, the sound something makes when such an object is either hit or is used to hit another object.

Wack, used to replace "place, put, drop"
"Dude, thats wack"
"Damn, this is wack"

As Kiwi hits Flamin over the head with a baseball bat repeatedly the room goes dark, all you can hear is a repetitive "wack, wack, wack" followed by a cry of pain.

"Just wack it there"
"Wack some of that sauce on my burger, thanks"
by Not Kiwi January 13, 2010
Wack is another way of saying you suck,your crap etc
Dawg did you hear that kid rap he was wack!
look at there crew it's wack
by Lil Ace October 10, 2004
Lord Meth in the battle thread
Lord Meth's rhymes are wack
by emseed September 07, 2008
adj,'publicly decreed to be not very good by those of taste and distinction. That which makes an effort to achieve the approbation of the cultural vanguard but fails due to a lack of authenticity'

The word is of uncertain etymology. It first emerged from the highly non-standard forms of ebonics used by New York rappers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Because Kriss Kross, is wiggedy wiggedy wack! (Kriss Kross, 'Jump', 1992)

...cuz it's a fact if you wack, you ain't sayin' jack! (Gangstarr, 'Check The Technique', 1991)
by Dan Bowen March 13, 2008
used prodominently by the mafia - to kill; to kill without notice of others
Nicky and Tony wacked the drug lord
by Billko July 06, 2005
somebody who is white and acts black. The W stands for white , the ''ack'' stands for black.
him, have you seen tim's shoes
her Ya there Wack
by jeff222 March 19, 2014

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