someone who is white and acts/dresses like a black person
Hey Martha, that white boy is a total wack!
A mix between black and white...a more proper term for wigger becasue a nigger is a socially unacceptable term
by a white black person May 05, 2011
The term "Wack" is a word used to describe any "musical" "artist" who is enough of a sell out to feature on national television.
An example of a wack artist would be:

Every artist you know and listen to.
by The1PersonWhoIsSmarterThanYou January 14, 2011
a white and black person
Hey is Tom white or black?
Neither he's wack.
by imANanon December 23, 2010
the spot between your back and your crack.
the wack is that hairy spot at the bottom of your back before your crack.
by colorian July 02, 2009
something that is stupid
yo this movie is wack
by messy24 April 29, 2009
The area of skin between the wiener and sack.
yo dude i need to get my wack waxed
by wackadoodledumb January 01, 2012
a very cool term. Used to describe someone when they say or perform an action that is admired by others.
dude, amanda is so wack
by awahlstedt May 26, 2011

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