A special green leaf (not marijuana) dipped in embalming fluid that is used to smoke and get high. Developed on the West-Side of Chicago.
Aye jo fuck the reggie, we need to get that wack and get really blown.
by Southern Side CHI March 08, 2010
people who are garbage, nonsense, not cool.
" you saw that kid James Peterson? he's mad wack yo, dont talk to him.
by onomatopoeia1 December 27, 2009
When a person or thing is unneccessary and completely not needed.
1) Felicia: "my Coon in wet!"
Marco and Anthony: :"Felicia honey thats wack!"
by Anthony Snead October 16, 2007
when something or someone is crazy. is crazy
"Yal are so wack!"
"Wiggidy wack!?"
"No, just regular type"
by fran xox August 09, 2004
this is a two meaning word and the context can change the meaning.

wack can mean something that is a lame, wanabe thats just nuts. "who said were wack? you take it back"

but it can also be used in the concept of dope or sick "man that is wack, where did you get it!"
negative: "your dancing is as wack as your dumb haircut fool"

positive:"man thats wack how did you do that!"
by wackmeister g May 18, 2009
Originated from the word whacky; short for whack.

1] Something stupid.

2] Something that isn't interesting.

3] Something that is uncool.
1] "That kid is wack as hell."

2] "I think that show is wack."

3] "Tell your brother that he is too wack to get in this ride"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 20, 2007
Usually used to respond to something crazy. Commonly found in the expression, "That`s wack!"
"He killed his cat and fed it to his dog" said Dan.
"That`s wack!" his friend responded.
by leinad February 14, 2005
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