A word to ask people what they know about it.
"what do you know about the vulcan"
by Vulcanator April 30, 2012
Using two condoms and putting heat cream in between.
Guy: Johnny hooked up with her last night.
Friend: It's OK, I'll just Vulcan.
Guy: What's that?
Friend: Double bag it with heat cream in between. If one breaks, you'll know about it.
by Ageffa April 28, 2010
A cross between a Vulture and a Falcon. Like its parents it is a scavenger and is very rare. Native to Brazillian jungles
I saw a vulcan streak across the sky.
by momnkai May 16, 2009
A race of kids of the underground music scene who adopted the hair-do closely resembling Spock from Star Trek whom was of the Vulcan race. Most known for this hair style and culture were the strange faggish members of The Locust and it's followers back in the late 90's. The Hair style evolved into a more uglier look unfortunately into the Emo scene- which also unfortunately surfaced due to lost teens who unknowingly acquired the style in the last few years, they added some length, modernized it to fit mainstream style but did not achieve to keep it non-queer, gay looking or faggish. It's not believed to be known to them that it does look gay as hell. In fact, Mullets should of came back out of the trailer park before a faggot hairdo like this.
"Oh great, are band is opening for The Locust? Fucking dumb Vulcans."
"Look! The place is full of Vulcans."
"There's a Vulcan sucking wank for the joy it, and they are both male."
fag rump ranger queer follower vain mullet scene emo
by vigilanty June 18, 2009
1: A slang for "fail"
2: Anything having to do with epic failness
3: Walrus?
1+2:"Hey man that bike fall was an epic vulcan."
3:"Woah that is one fat vulcan!"
by NKCrash April 19, 2009
dumb fucker... idiot... or defintion of dumbass
dude jordan is being a fucking vulcan idiot
by jo$h October 20, 2007
You get a blow job when your throwing up
When Your Sick And Need Some Pleasure
by One crunk-wood hooked nig May 02, 2005

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