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To cook up some hibachi: To dominate a game.

Word made by Washington Wizards Center Brendan Haywood and made famous by Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas.
Gilbert cooked up some hibachi last night; he scored 60 points!
by benniezizou January 19, 2007
1)A Japanese grill that heats up very fast
2)The self proclaimed nickname of Gilbert Arenas, a basketball player for the Washington Wizards. He uses it because he claims that he heats up like the Japanese grill.
3)Anyone or any team that is very good a basketball and can run any other team of the court
Yo we are so hibachi, we fucking run these courts. OR Yo you was like hibachi out there, you lit them up.
by Cweezy December 12, 2007
To cut something out as would a Hibachi chef who cuts things with ease. Or, to edit or take out of something.
"Oh jeez, they shouldn't say things like that on national TV... they should have hibachi'd it."
by JandDshow February 16, 2010
someone/something that is sizzling hot
Gilbert Arenas was hibachi last night when he dropped 60 on those fuckups.
Eva Longoria was lookin' hibachi at the all star game last night
by zdub in the club February 18, 2007
originating from the lunch room of grissom high school, hibachi has become one of the most used words. It sincerely means to scream while eating out a girl. Creating one of the most amazing orgams ever to mankind.

Dude! Last night, I hibachi'd Christina!
Michael, when are you going to hibachi that!?
by Kyle Mann March 01, 2007
n. A fine dining Japanese experience that actually fills your stomach. A meal is usually impossible to finish.
Man, I'm so hungry I could eat a whole Hibachi portion.
by Actual Average Asian April 03, 2016
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