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some kick arse shoes that are cheap as. like converse, but cheaper and a fuckload more comfortable. think A$20 instead of A$60 for the aformentioned converse.
volleys are so awesome they don't need a definition
by sir kanklelot January 05, 2006
A Volley is an individual that can go hyhpy and crunk at the SAME time.
This is not for everyone.
Only the fortunate can be a Volley.
Being a Volley is intense.
Please, do not try this at home and do not try being a Volley without parental supervison.
Oh shit,that ho is a Volley.
Craig is a Volley.
Monica says,"VOLLEY"and Craig says,"SIDEKICKsidekick".
Volleys are majorly hyphy.
by CraigEEzy© March 30, 2007
adjective: the opposite of lax
"that guy is not lax; his is volley."
by willhson71 February 14, 2008

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