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FTW is an acronym which means "For the win"
"did you see the new ytmnd?"

"new ytmnd ftw =D!!1"
by ZT September 02, 2005
One angry ass hurricane!

It layed the smack down on New Orleans.
"Katrina pwned us!"

"Yeah dude, now gas prices suck ~~"
by ZT September 02, 2005
This is a more 1337 variation of uber ownage.

The word ownage is purposely misspelled to elevate the level of 1337ness in said sentence.
Halo2Freak: That was some uber pwnage back there guys. Nice work team. Let's go ask mom to order us a pizza.

Buddy: With pepporoni!?

Halo2Freak: Of course, grasshopper.
by ZT May 09, 2005
Idiot or penis

A silly word used to instigate fights.
"You're a fucking ding-dong"


"Suck my ding-dong, please"
by ZT June 09, 2005

Just another street term, not to be confused with the candy.
Shaggy: Mary-jane's like, MY FAVORITE NAME!
by ZT May 09, 2005
Ultra fast paced, electronically produced music. Armed with electric guitars and crazy tempos, artists make frenzied melodies with catchy beats.
The Initial D anime is eurobeat themed
#intial d #anime #eurobeat #music #techno
by ZT October 24, 2005
A simplified version of html for bulletin board systems such as phpbb, inivision, etc.
Use color=redYOURTEXTHERE/color to make your text red
by ZT August 28, 2005
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