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A bullshit artist, who snowballs people that don't know better.
Dr. Michio Kaku is a visionary physicist.
by DigitalDNA761 November 29, 2009
Someone who goes solely by what they see, and not what they know..
He made that decision by himself cause he's a visionary, he didnt care what anyone else said.
by Millers954321 January 19, 2015
A person who spends his time dealing with something that doesn't exist
"Why don't they invent a gym machine that you can connect to your Playstation?!"
"Man Tucker you're such a visionary!"
by Motaro August 20, 2013
A noun mistakenly used to describe a close friend's mediocre performance in the vocation of their choice.
I thought that was you who told me that someone at like your other college told you that you were a visionary, or something like that...
by Blind Willie McSchnell July 01, 2011
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