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n: Mathematically able smartass for whom engineering presented far too small a challenge.
See that undergraduate physicist giggling non-stop over those post-grad engineering textbooks?
by Costa Del Barto June 25, 2006
one who studies the natural sciences, and often does research hopefully improving our understanding of how things work. Physicist have made possible the production and use of automobiles and computers, to name but a few.
Oh, that's my friend kevin. He's a physicist.
by kevin September 06, 2003
A super mathematical genius that kicks ass at solving problems and seeing the world like nobody else. Oh, and the guy engineers are pissed off at, because they can't do shit.
Engineer 1 : Hey Mark, that guy is a physicist!
Engineer 2 : Yeah, he does my work, because I can't do shit.
by Koniec June 24, 2009
A nerd that has a great desire to become a teacher or to take over the world.
I would like to build a heavy hydrogen bomb to either teach all of you or to kill you all...I haven't yet decided.
by Mike November 14, 2004
A person paid to think about imaginary things that can be proven by other imaginary things.
Physicist: I'm going to bed. I've been trying to prove that string theory is a valid contender for the Theory of Everything, but the quantum mechanics are tangling everything up.
by anonymous3625 January 20, 2011
A dumbshit who couldn't hack engineering
Look at that ugly ass loser fucker! He's probably a physicist
by Prateek DAMAN November 21, 2005
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