The smartest, hottest, funniest, kindest, and best all-around girl you will ever meet. Her smile makes you feel like the world has stopped spinning. She is a genius and way smarter than Billy. My big bro likes her and wants to go out with her but doesnt want to ask her out becuase he soesnt think it will ever happen.
Vic, will you go out with my big bro? Please at least think about it.
by Mr. * May 09, 2011
Legendary 80s skate shoe from Airwalk
That skaterboi looked soooo damn sexy when I entered his room and he wore nothing but his Vics
by Strobo February 02, 2004
To rob, steal, liberate, lift or thieve.
I passed out at the wrap party last night and I think one of the grips vicked my stash.
ALT USEAGE: Vic has my stash of kind
by Octaboy September 04, 2003
A short form of a name
"Vic? whats that short for, Victor?" "no, Victim, my dad was bludgoned to death"
by Nicky six December 11, 2003
vic is a lovely cute handsome n perfect guy in the world. n his one of the taiwanese boyband called "F4". his is the best out off all of the group..coz he so perfect n cute n even handsome.his full name is vic zhou yu min. n his nick name is ZAIZAI.
great guy, cool guy, handsome guy, perfect guy, n the guy that u will never feel bored if u see his face everyday. coz his TOO PERFECT...!!!=)
by LUV VIC "F4" ALWAYZ N 4EVA ;) September 04, 2003
one of the more well-published 'patriots' on this site. one of the people wjo disagree with Not proud To be and American
also see- brainless sheep
Vic is a fool
by *tweak* October 03, 2003

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