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The Definition of sideways
by karterb April 11, 2010
4 12
Legendary 80s skate shoe from Airwalk
That skaterboi looked soooo damn sexy when I entered his room and he wore nothing but his Vics
by Strobo February 02, 2004
12 20
To rob, steal, liberate, lift or thieve.
I passed out at the wrap party last night and I think one of the grips vicked my stash.
ALT USEAGE: Vic has my stash of kind
by Octaboy September 04, 2003
33 41
A short form of a name
"Vic? whats that short for, Victor?" "no, Victim, my dad was bludgoned to death"
by Nicky six December 11, 2003
11 22
vic is a lovely cute handsome n perfect guy in the world. n his one of the taiwanese boyband called "F4". his is the best out off all of the group..coz he so perfect n cute n even handsome.his full name is vic zhou yu min. n his nick name is ZAIZAI.
great guy, cool guy, handsome guy, perfect guy, n the guy that u will never feel bored if u see his face everyday. coz his TOO PERFECT...!!!=)
by LUV VIC "F4" ALWAYZ N 4EVA ;) September 04, 2003
25 48
one of the more well-published 'patriots' on this site. one of the people wjo disagree with Not proud To be and American
also see- brainless sheep
Vic is a fool
by *tweak* October 03, 2003
6 32