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1 definition by BohyeeCupcakes

He is tall and very handsome. But there is much more to him than his looks. He has a great personality, he is funny, bright, absolutely charming and very very humble. Almost too humble for his many brilliant talents. Such a witty man too. They make great news anchors and TV personalities, like Vic Faust from WXYZ-TV. He seems to light up everywhere he goes, his charisma makes everyone smile when they see him. He makes girls fall for him in an instance- he has an aura that just makes him shine. He is every girl's Prince Charming.
A Vic can give a girl the happiness that no other man can.

If you ever meet a Vic and be able to get his heart, you are the luckiest girl in the entire world.
by BohyeeCupcakes August 06, 2012