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The definition of beautiful.
Strong, smart, very funny, good at anything if she puts her mind to it. Has a great personality and is sweet. Has a HUGE butt and is known for it.Usually has many nationalities, ex: french,canadian,russian ect. Very independent, sexy and trusts no one. Is a good friend, loves the outdoors. Also known to be good in bed.Has many brothers and sisters. She's flawless
Guy 1: Vicki is amazing

Guy 2: I know i wish i was dating her
by soccer17903 November 29, 2009
The female form of Victor which means victorious. Vicki is a beautiful woman, she is fiercly loyal and dedicated to her loved ones. She is very protective and stands up for what she believes in. She never gives up, failure is never permanent but simply a stepping stone on the way to success. Vicki is sexy and intelligent, a combination which is very attractive to other people who are confident in themselves but intimidating to those who are not. Vicki is often the centre of attention because she takes charge of the situation and makes life happen. She is talented, she is a performer, she can sing and dance. She is educated and loves to share her knowledge with others, she is a teacher. She is a lover, to her mate she is passionate and loves with abandon. To her children she is a friend, and home is their haven. She is an ispiration to those around her, she is always striving to better herself and the world around her. Vicki is a good and valuable friend.
"your dedication to success is so Vicki"
by Victoria Ray February 07, 2010
An extremely sexy person, who is known to be promiscuous.
"Damnnnn, that's Vicki!"
by carls24pwnsu January 10, 2008
sexy, very funny, smoking hot, loves life, very loyal friend, the best girlfriend you could ever ask for, will not betray you or dissapoint you, is good in the bedroom, very good style, good with children, all round brilliant specimen of female. you could not ask hope for better, fantastic, perfect in everyway, and cooks a brillaitn spag bol and roast dinner
sexy funny hot cute vicki girlfriend perfect cooking children friend best
by sarah82 February 07, 2010
the head bitch, queen bitch if you will, someone who doesn't give a fuck about what people say because they are just a bunch of jealous ass loosers. vicki sets the standards for all bitches
did u see what a bitch vicki was to him? damn i wish i could be like her.
by bigbitchmrsv1 March 12, 2010
short for Victoria's Secret
girl#1- ooooh they gotta deal on push-ups at vickis!
girl#2- im so there!
by bombshell*-* April 02, 2006
One of the many types of widely distributed indigenious horny mammals native to southwest britain, northeast cambodia, central Africa, Sub Saharan deserts, mines of Australia, tombs of Egypt, caves of India and university residences.
Next time you see a creature with bright white skin coat, dark brown fur around the head, and occasionally a stud in the nose, you know thats a type of Vicki.
by J'mapelle Anon November 06, 2007
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