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means victiorious in christ

artist: victor ganz

produced "get silly" and his first debut album "beast", which includes such singles as "beast", "by faith", and "jaw jackin".

surprisingly a christian based hip hop/rap artist
v.i.c. is just soulja boy 2.0 with his lyrics that seem to prove that hip hop is dead.
by helio August 26, 2008
12 10
that dumbass soulja by produced his ass heres a hint if you really dont know "a get silly ... get silly ... get silly" yeah that shit ahahah this punk aint on here he aint on google he aint on wikipikidiktrikapedia ahahaha how the fuck you have a music video and say you got the #1 single ... and aint no one know who the fuck you are ???
ey you here that new joint from v.i.c ?

naw ... who the hell is v.i.c ?

some dude soulja boy produced

awww fuck that shit he can go eat a dick
by cioh July 25, 2008
15 13
He is tall and very handsome. But there is much more to him than his looks. He has a great personality, he is funny, bright, absolutely charming and very very humble. Almost too humble for his many brilliant talents. Such a witty man too. They make great news anchors and TV personalities, like Vic Faust from WXYZ-TV. He seems to light up everywhere he goes, his charisma makes everyone smile when they see him. He makes girls fall for him in an instance- he has an aura that just makes him shine. He is every girl's Prince Charming.
A Vic can give a girl the happiness that no other man can.

If you ever meet a Vic and be able to get his heart, you are the luckiest girl in the entire world.
by BohyeeCupcakes August 06, 2012
9 10
Shortened form or nickname of a girl whose name is Victoria or Vicki.
Vic is so hot.
by Victoria April 14, 2004
62 64
crown victoria
rizzo came through with j in the vic last night
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
38 40
To rob someone
Or a victim that looks like they need to be robbed
"Mizz be running arounnd vicking niggaz"
"Herb ass dude over there is a walking vic, go snatch his chain"
by Peachez June 09, 2004
78 82
The smartest, hottest, funniest, kindest, and best all-around girl you will ever meet. Her smile makes you feel like the world has stopped spinning. She is a genius and way smarter than Billy. My big bro likes her and wants to go out with her but doesnt want to ask her out becuase he soesnt think it will ever happen.
Vic, will you go out with my big bro? Please at least think about it.
by Mr. * May 09, 2011
15 22