a)to confuse or freak out
b)mysterious, somebody whose intentions/personality is unknown
c)Me! ^_^
a)That quantum physics thing really vexes me.
b)Dude, he's such a vex.
by Vex May 11, 2005
7.0% alcohol hard limonade, apperently only avalible in Canada. Comes in a variety of pretty colours. Easy to get drunk off of, because of the addictive taste.
We got smashed drinkin vex, it tasted so good!
by Atrus October 30, 2004
expression of displeasure or frustration used by the yoof. Shortening of vexed
"yoo got me vex, yeah?!"
"I'm vex!"
by Boudica Of Suburbia July 03, 2005
originated from v-unit in the early 1960's. vex means to annoy or be annoyed by something
dont vex me up man- dont annoy me
by Rich November 18, 2004
One of if not thee best capture the flag teams to ever play Urban Terror.
Vex dominates and rules over Urt CTF Leagues with a Iron Fist.
by Educatshun December 22, 2009
<noun>basically anything that causes someone agitation.
<verb>the act of causing the agitation in someone.
"The patrons at May's drive in are a Vex. they are always angry."
(after doing something to annoy someone) "sorry, I was just trying to lay a vex on you"
"Don't vex me, dude"
by tom prough December 17, 2003
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