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A phrase, origin of which is in Hebrew . It's equivalent to " never mind" or perhaps indicates of something very unimportant or easy to do.
He: hey are you sure its ok for you to pick me up tomorrow?
Me : sure! in the little....
by Sher March 16, 2005
To give oral sex
hey, sarah, give us a shine
by sher March 08, 2003
being angry, rude or smart with a person (cheeky)
dont get vex wid me biatch
by sher March 08, 2003
Baby Gangster- a gangster that has not yet killed
hard to place~ this is what one is before an "OG" but after becoming a gangster
by sher September 25, 2003
the epitomy of all that is glorious; the be all, end all
No one could ever compare to he who is Drid.
by Sher August 21, 2003
Old Gangster- any ganster that has killed before
OG is hard to classify, so out of context it is hard to place
by sher September 25, 2003
aggresive, sexually or physically
your friends are a bit rowdy tonight
by sher March 08, 2003

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