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A creative term for vagina or pussy.
I'd walk a mile for a vertical smile.
by E. Normus Johnson February 11, 2003
A woman's Vagina. Called a smile since there are two labia or lips just like a face.
I'd like to kiss that vertical smile any time.
by wickers February 12, 2008
Vagina, pussy, cunt, slit, fish taco, open hole, one in the pink, pink large mouth, small mouth, lips, the carpet of the drapes, clit, sock, reversed penis, love maker, love breaker, dick rider
You have a pretty smile, I bet your vertical smile is even better
by 07sti kinda guy October 15, 2010
"another word for vagina, pussy, whispering eye etc."
"I havent seen you in a while god damn i miss that mother fuking vertical smile"
by sweatyandready May 02, 2010
females sexual organs entrance lips
check out her vertical smile
by August 25, 2003
Large Vagina lips, over sized vagina lips usually followed up with a rather large sized hole or Black hole into another universe. A breeding grounds for duck butter aka yeast cheese, warts, and gate way for other abnormal deceases.
Holy shit dude... You would think with a vertical smile like that she would know whats she is doing.

I cannot believe we were able to stuff yours, mine, and a trout inside that vertical smile...

Someone needs to introduce her to summer's eve! that vertical smile is rather rank! I just threw out my $1200.00 chair and now I fear gum decease! This is worse than fatty remorse!
by Savage Mule October 07, 2009
A vertical smile is another word for vagina. If a closed smile is turned 90 degrees it resembles a vagina, giving you the term vertical smile.
I saw her vertical smile open up and next thing i knew she was pregnant.

Dude i banged that chick so hard last night, her vertical smile was 10 times bigger when i left.
by Anna C August 11, 2006
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