1. Viet Cong. Used to describe anyone of Vietnamese origin.
2. Very Cool.
3. Voluntary Contribution. Usually to squadron funds.
1. "Let's go score some drugs from the VC in Cabramatta."
2. "That's a VC jeep you got there."
3. "How about making a VC to the squadron fund."
by Diego July 29, 2003
(abbrev. for Viet-Cong.) A girl you will never be able to fuck, yet can't stop seeing.
I spent the weekend in a mountain cottage with my V.C., but never got to touch her once.
by 0nceler March 19, 2003
Office Vacation Champion
Where is the VC? Oh, he is on vacation.
by SSB January 19, 2005
Virus Check.
He's going to do a Vc
by ZBryan July 10, 2008
Acronym for 'Vagina Cringe'. The term 'Vagina Cringe' is reserved for something so gross and so much of a turn-off that the mere thought of it makes one's vagina 'cringe'. Usually, "VC" is used as an adjective or interjection in response to sexual comments about certain people, mostly men, that are that extremely disgusting.

The VC or 'Vagina Cringe' is closely related to the PC or 'Penile Cringe' for men.
Amy - "So I heard you slept with Gary last night!!"

Betty - "Are you kidding?!? He is so gross and disgusting - VC!!!
by Toucan4890 March 09, 2009
Acronym: Victim Chick. A chick that is very emotionally tender. The good news for you is that she will be easier to score with providing you can pluck her right strings!
I almost felt bad - it was clear she was a total VC.
by brendan May 13, 2004
opposite of nammer. the smarter more geekessh of the vietnamese people. speak really proper vietnamese. usually found at home playing cs and most of them are wangstars
look at dat nammer chop dat vc up
by VC_BOY April 12, 2005

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