A fat overweight bastard who sits his two ton fuckin ass in a fucking kiddie fucking pokeman room all fucking day. Is a wapanese shit for brains who needs to curl up and die at the hands of me.
/j #pokemasters
Look at fatass be stupid
by kukupo! July 29, 2003
1) The fat fucker that keeps McDonalds from going bankrupt.
2) A term used to denote that someone is of a large (_very_ large) build
3) A very offencive term
4) Lives life a quarter pounder (with cheese) at a time
5) Goes by the motto "Incest is best"
1) Don't eat so much, you'll become VC
2) I saw a VC today
3) A: "Somebody stole my car" B: "VC probably missed brunch"
by pwnage July 29, 2003
VC – Viking Cock. The expression is used to describe the large penises of white males. According to scientific research Vikings possessed abnormally muscular bodies due to the harsh conditions they lived in. Also, as an ethnic group they possessed large penises. It can be seen in contemporary Europe, where the inhabitants of Nordic countries have the biggest penises.
I’m absolutely crazy about his huge VC!
by InscienceIbelieve April 17, 2016
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