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vietnamese for mother fucker
lets go fuck up them du mas
by VC_BOY April 11, 2005
opposite of nammer. the smarter more geekessh of the vietnamese people. speak really proper vietnamese. usually found at home playing cs and most of them are wangstars
look at dat nammer chop dat vc up
by VC_BOY April 12, 2005
short for viet cong
vietnamese people from south vietnam, the more tougher and realest gangstas of the vietnamese race. also can be refered to as nammers. If you are vietnamese you can tell these guys apart from the north vietnamese by listening to the way they talk. they ususally speak some words incorrectly and use mroe slang as well as swear more.
Look At That VC Chop dat white boy up
by VC_BOY April 11, 2005
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